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Is your company prepared for future changes?

The future is unsure and challenging for most companies, the constant and unpredictable changes cost energy and the old structures are falling apart. This affects all humans and organisations.

It is important to adapt to the constant changes and the way we work and do  business. The structure of organisations and how we collaborate and work needs to change. 

For a longer period of time we have seen agile work in part of the organizations mostly in the technical departments. The companies that have adapt the agile way of organization in the whole company are thriving and will be those companies that have the most benefits in future.

If your organization haven´t adapt yet it is time to change. The  organizational management included HR needs to understand the definition of an agile transformation and the value of it. This i cruicial if the organization will benefit from the rewards of achieving true, healthy agility. 

As a leader, you need to move more from the governing to the coaching leadership. 

All employees can contribute to the company's success if you only have the right conditions. 

A leader needs to develop by working with his self-leadership, being aware of his obstructive ideas and being prepared to work closely, listen and communicate with his employees. 

 All people have unique abilities, talents and are fully capable of taking responsibility and leading themselves. Self-governing employees who take responsibility and want to develop contribute to the company becoming less vulnerable and more equipped for major changes. 

In the agile company, we need to be open to flexibility, motivated to constant learning and development. By broadening its competence and collaborating cross-functionally, the understanding and knowledge of what the company needs to be able to perform optimally increases.

The complete cultural and organizational mind set must change to one that embraces a culture of self-organization and collaboration.

HR needs to be the ones that drive cultural issues where people are in focus and where it facilitates learning and collaboration. HR needs to be able to put on different hats for different purposes and move away from the role of a marginalized control body that you contact if you have various problems.  

HR needs to work closer to the business and the business to be able to understand what support is needed. Understanding the whole and seeing the company as an organism where all parts are connected contributes to being able to work proactively and find the best methods and tools that make it easier for employees. 


What are you in need of right now?



I can contribute with following: 

* Teach the Agile principles and methods of HR and leadership. 

- workshops and seminars based on your company's needs. 

- Agile HR and Leadership courses, according to the methods of Agile People and ICAgile. 

* Project management 

* Agile coaching in HR and Payroll teams. You can get help with specific point initiatives, longer interim assignments or take me in as a team or personal coach. 

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Proffesional coaching

Leadership, career

  • Do you want help to develop in the right direction, be coached to dare a little more and take steps towards your goals? 
  • Do you have thoughts on how to move forward in your leadership? 
  • Are you considering taking the next step in your career?



Interim leadership

HR/ Payroll/ HRIS and Projects

I can join as a temporary leader for projects, teams or organizations that need an experienced leader. 

With longer experience in HR / Payroll where I have worked in leading positions for the past 10 years, I can go in and provide support in your agile change journey. I have an easy time getting acquainted with various tasks in the HRM area. Also has experience of major HCM / HRIS projects

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