Agile people manifesto

and Agile Manifesto

Agile People manifesto

  • Agile People are curious and collaborate to create awesome value and innovative solutions that meet human needs (Engagement, Innovation, Curiosity)
  • Agile People actively embrace diversity and inclusion to create communities where people feel safe and truly belong (Diversity, Safety, Belonging)
  • Agile People connect deeply with individuals, businesses, and society to create a culture where human ability is nurtured, valued and unleashed (Culture, Connection, Humanity, focus on broader society)
  • Agile People continuously pursue meaning and purpose in life to create a positive and significant impact in the world of work (Purpose, Meaning)
  • Agile People actively seek opportunities to experiment and learn to adapt fast and thrive in a changing environment (Adaptability, Experimentation)
  • Agile People promote transparency across organizations and teams to enable trust, ownership and self-organisation (Transparency, Commitment, Accountability, Self-organisation)
  • Agile People harness the power of boundary spanning to facilitate proactive collaboration across organizational barriers (Cross-Functional, Collaboration, Communication, Learning) 

  • Agile Manifesto

    • Individuals and interactions over processes and tools
    • Working software over comprehensive documentation
    • Customer collaboration over contract negotiation
    • Responding to change over following a plan